Saturday, June 23, 2007

How can you have 2 addresses in Iraq?

Heard from Evan yesterday via Beth. He sounds fine, but very busy. He's not involved in the actions you're reading about near Baquba in Diyala. His platoon continues its work patrolling a particular neighborhood, trying to keep the people safe there by disrupting the activities of the violent gangs. Much of this is establishing a visible, positive presence, but frequently it is acting on tips from locals about strangers in the neighborhood who may be up to no good.

One culture-bending experience last week involved a search for a particular suspect. Evan's platoon approached someone on the street and asked (through their interpreter) if this fellow lived nearby, and what was his address. The man gave an address and said he was a good person. They spoke a bit more, and then asked again to confirm the address. The man gave a different address, a few blocks away.

Ah ha, they thought, this guy's story is changing. Lying maybe? They asked him, "how can he have two addresses?" "Oh, he has two wives," the man answered.

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