Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Example of relations between Iraqis and US patrols

Beth sent this short exchange along, when she and Even found eachother on-line the other day. It speaks volumes.

EVAN: we arrested some kidnappers/hitmen/assasin types the other day, they had come up from baghdad. they might have been after some our iraqi buddies, or just looking to make some money with kidnapping, dunno, other than that its been pretty quiet really

BETH: how did you find the kidnappers?

EVAN: one of the locals told us about some suspicious people driving around in a new car

BETH: are new cars not very common?

EVAN: not out here, its really rural - mostly decent, but well-used toyotas and chinese knock-offs of toyotas

BETH: toyotas have knockoffs?

EVAN: oh yeah (our interpreter): "japanese cars very nice, very expensive though" and those (morons) were driving around a mercedes

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