Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Afghan Free Speech in Jeopardy; Journalists Threatened and Murdered

Zakia Zaki a female radio journalist killed in June 06 2007 in Parwan Province ( photo from

After a lapse of two years, I have been corresponding with Amin Wahidi, a young journalist/filmmaker/activist colleague in Kabul. Although not covered much in the U.S. media, there has been a frightening pattern of intimidation, arrest, beatings and even murder of young Afghan journalists. Some claim the U.S.-supported Karzai government is doing nothing to stop it, and it is emblematic of the chaos and increasing control over Afghanistan by fundamentalist gangs supported by outsiders.

Read Amin Wahidi's sad and frightening description of life for those trying to build democracy, peace and justice in a country where we have spent billions of dollars and shed the blood of hundreds of brave Americans.

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