Saturday, August 11, 2007

Why Afghans are afraid to speak out

The following comment from Payame Haq was buried in my Afghan filmmaker friend Wahidi's blog. Wahidi is an intelligent, peaceful, justice-seeking artist who is being threatened in Afghanistan for advocating free speech.

People like Payame Haq are the people Evan is protecting Iraqis from. Though they claim to be doing the will of God with their hateful deeds, they have nothing to do with real Islam, just like Pat Robertson has nothing to do with real Christianity. Both wear religion as a mask to dupe the gullible into gratifying their own egos and greed, not doing God's will.

This type of religious fanatic is and has always been one of humanity's greatest afflictions. So read Payame Haq and check out his website (address at the bottom of the page).

"Payame Haq said...

The Power of Allah (Jallejallalahu) stops the people who are selfish and try to stand against soldiers of Islam.

Islam is the only way of prosperity. It is our responsibility to invite every one towards Tanweer (brightness) and immortality, and to stop those who are led astray and going towards the darkness.

Allah (Jallejallalahu) is the only one who controls the world, who controls our day and night and can stop anything at all.

Allah (Jallejallalahu) is the only one who controls the essence of each breath we take.

You are born from a Muslim father and mother (Alhamdullellah). It is your religious responsibility to expand Islam by supporting the real forces of Islam.

Do not stand against Islam with Writing and encouraging the KOFARS against ISLAM in your Sites, and come to the right way.

Brighten your mind and fresh your spirit by referring to the Holy Ayat of Qurranel Hakim below;

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم.

آلله لا یهدی القوم الکفرین. یا ایها الذین ءامنو اما لکم اذا قیل لکم انفروا فی سبیل الله اثا قلتم الی الارض ارضیتم بالحیوه الدنیا من الاخره فما متع الحیوه الدنیا فی الاخر الا قلیل. الا تنفرو ایعذبکم عذاباً الیما و یستبدل قوماً غیرکم ولا تضروه شیاً والله علی کل شی قدیر. ( آیه 39 سوره توبه)

صدق الله العظیم.

Otherwise Allah will soon punish you!!!

Always Remember in ISLAM it is never too late to come back towards the reality of ISLAM and its TANWEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

August 10, 2007 5:59 AM


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